Vibrations of one, to all

A drop of water falls.
A ripple is created, and a large circle is drawn.
People transmit emotions to others, which creates great emotions.

Message from the representative

We at VIBROA are a company in the business of luxury brand residences. Through the various projects we will develop in the future, we hope not only to enrich the hearts and minds of our customers, but also to enhance the value of our business partners and contribute to the sustainable development of society as a whole from a medium- to long-term perspective.



Philosophy 01

We at VIBROA are always close to our clients in the world of luxury real estate, carefully selecting world-class products and services to deliver a priceless experience and absolute value for money.


Philosophy 02

As a top-level Project Organizer in Japan, we fuse cutting-edge design and technology with traditional skills to create a unique absolute value that is not a relative value.
We offer a unique property maintenance and management scheme that combines traditional skills with the use of BIM and IoT solution technologies, and a service that combines sophisticated, high-quality design with a meticulous concierge function that embodies the spirit of Japanese 'Omotenashi'.




Philosophy 03

We offer a concierge service that is unique
to our company.
Concierge service concept
Fusion of traditional and innovative skills.
Fusion of Western and Japanese culture.
Fusion of design and functional convenience
We offer proposals that suit our customers' lifestyles, down to the design and details of exteriors, interiors, and FF&E. We also offer after-sales maintenance and resale services.
We also provide after-sales maintenance and resale services.



Company profile
Company name VIBROA
Representative Directore Toshiyuki Yoshida
Date of establishment 4 April 2019
Capital 10 million yen
Building Lots and
Buildings Transaction
Business Licence Governor of Tokyo (1) No.103863
Head office address 107-0052
201 Shinzaka mansion,
8-6-13 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact TEL: +81-3-6447-1941
Fax: +81-3-6332-9040
Business overview Luxury real estate planning
development and sales business
Asset management business
Property management business
Consulting business
Real estate business